Last Day Of Ramadan


Though today is Eid in other countries, it is the last day of Ramadan here in Oman and we are still fasting…. To be honest Ramadan passed too quickly for us this year especially that we just felt it 2 days ago when we got back!….

There’s a strong will in Ramadan …a sort of strength in faith and in believing that anything is possible… and that any prayer can be heard… We see Ramadan as an opportunity in getting closer to God, not only through praying and fasting but through good deeds like feeding the poor, donating money or taking part in random acts of kindness…. Ramadan to us (or should I say some of us) is not just a detox for our bodies but it is a spiritual detox as well…. It grounds us and reminds us to be kind to one another and honest with each other.

Goodbye my favorite month of the year you will surely be missed.

3 thoughts on “Last Day Of Ramadan

  1. You are right, Ramadan passed so quickly this year…It feels like Ramadhan started and ended in just 2 days. May Allah accept our fast, good deeds and hopefully the next Ramadhan will be great 🙂

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