The Only TV Program I Watched In Ramadan!

I rarely watch arabic TV programs …. not only because they are not entertaining like they used to be but also because they don’t provoke any thoughts!!!

Khawater however is the exception!… I wait for this program every ramadan… I really wish that they had it translated or something so that those of you who don’t speak arabic would know what I am Talking about

This year Khawater was better than any year and there were so many episodes that I really liked… I think that a lot of parents will find the following episode interesting

I would like to thank the presenter Ahmad Al-Shuqairi and the whole Khawater team for this informative and thought provoking program… Jazakom Allah Alf Khair.

For more information clic Andalusiah | أندلسية | شبكة أندلسية.

3 thoughts on “The Only TV Program I Watched In Ramadan!

  1. This was one of the episodes i missed, thanks for posting… learning about the court system and about ones rights and the parliament and it’s parties is so important.. many people in so called “democratic” countries don’t have a clue about what’s going on in their country and can’t have their voice heard. Democracy is not just a word and is failing in many parts. Love this episode.

    • You are absolutely right….
      What I really liked about this episode is the fact that they showed us how important it is to teach kids how their country is running … They made the kids feel important through a fun yet educational process… Even though the kids are too young to vote or get involved in the real world …they voted and felt involved …. this is how kids become more ambitious and more patriotic ….

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