The Magic of Halloween



I love Halloween…. I love everything about it from decorations to costumes, it’s just super  fun no matter what age! I love that it doesn’t matter if your decor is elegant or tacky—the creepier the better! I love decorating both the inside and the outside of my house, and I love driving and looking at homes decorated outside even though there aren’t many where I live!

I used to go all out but lately I just haven’t had the time to pull it all together…. but what’s great about Halloween is that there’s no expectation that everything has to be a certain way.  I think Halloween might just be the most flexible holiday of the whole year! It doesn’t matter whether your decorating style is going all out with some floating ghosts and lazy skeletons or keeping it simple with just some carved pumpkins and fairy lights, it’ll look great either way!

Another thing I love about Halloween is all the little things we do every year, stuff that’s unique to my family. Nothing we do is fancy, or elaborate. But it feels unique to us and feels that its our own tradition! We love watching the peanut gang halloween special every year together as a family with the coziest blankets and the yummiest treats! My youngest has been dressing up as a black cat nearly every year… its not halloween for us if she isn’t a cute black cat!!!

I have put up some pictures from Pottery Barn I just love their Halloween decorations.. They are my go to place when it comes to Halloween decorations every year .. I am in love with their cushions this year and can’t wait to get some of those glass pumpkins to put on my coffee table in my family room… will stick some fairy lights in them. They’ll look perfect with some popcorn and candy for our peanut gang halloween special night this year!



3 thoughts on “The Magic of Halloween

  1. I love your Halloween tradition! Of course it’s always Snoopy hahaha
    The glass pumpkins are gorgeous! And I love the wooden pumpkin, it’s so unique and definitely you!
    Oh I can’t wait to see what kind of decoration you will have this year. Even if it’s just a few candles, you always make it look much more elaborate than it is!

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