Safety First

Was really touched by this video especially that I know quite a few people in it!!! I am sure that it was hard for the close family members to do it… to sit there and talk about a loved one who passed away… but I’m glad that they did…. I thank them and hope that everyone gets their message!!!

Drive Safe Everyone

Gucci”s “Forever Now” New Ad Campaign.

Charlotte Casiraghi has made her 1st debut as the newest face of Gucci’s “Forever Now”  Ad campaign.

I love that Gucci chose a real competitive equestrian who not only embodies the beauty and the grace of an equestrian but who is also a wonderful ambassador for the sport.  “I am delighted to be able to celebrate Gucci’s icons of heritage with someone who is so connected to the history and essence of this house. Charlotte brings the spirit of Gucci to life so elegantly.” said the Gucci creative director Frida Giannini.

I really love the photography and the fact that the pictures were taken in a stable… Loving this Ad campaign.

Tiffany Ads

In the spirit of valentines I would like to post a few of my favorite Tiffany Ads!!! ….. I think that their ads are the most romantic ones! …….While other jewelry brands market themselves as status symbols, Tiffany cleverly decided a long time ago to capitalize on our emotions rather than our egos!…..and as a result the little blue box became almost as important in a proposal as the ring itself!

     Happy Valentines Day again 😉