When Frasier’s Gang Dressed for Halloween

Who remembers this Halloween episode from Frasier?


When Frasier hosted a Halloween party where he asked his guests to come dressed as their personal hero. … Roz dressed as Wonder Woman, Frasier as Sigmund Freud, Daphne as Elton John, Niles as his dad Martin Crane and Martin as Joe DiMaggio…. oh how I miss this bunch!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day

Madame Tussauds London museum dressed up the British royal family wax figures in ugly holiday sweaters in  honor of the “Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day,” which will take place on December 16 ….it’s a campaign that asks people to wear their favorite silly or ugly sweaters in exchange for donating to the nonprofit Save the Children.


I must admit that I don’t mind Prince Philip’s sweater…. compared to what the rest of the family ended up with, his isn’t bad at all lol!!!

Here’s the link for more info about Christmas Jumper day

Playing Dress up!

NewYork-based photographer Tricia Messeroux takes the cutest pictures of kids…. Her style or should I say specialty lies in taking pictures of kids dressed as celebrities!!!…. This year she recreated shots from the Golden Globes red carpet…. Check out her website Toddle Wood for more cute pictures… But not before checking out my favorite pictures from the Golden Globes!!!

taylor-swift-golden-globesTaylor Swift  and mini me in a Donna Karan Atelier gown

george-clooney-stacy-keibler-golden-globesGeoanne-hathaway-golden-globesrge Clooney and Stacy Keibler in Armani

Anne Hathaway in Chanel

lucy-liu-golden-globesLast but not least Lucy Liu in a Carolina Herrera gown… This one is my favorite … I love the mini-me version of Lucy and think that she is just adorable… What about you? Who do you think looks better… the celebrities or the kids?

Laughter Is The Best Cure

Today was one of those days!…. I had my son’s birthday party at home, and guess what theme it was!… it was a Messy birthday party theme!!!!! Nope not Messy the football player.. Messy as in “let’s make a mess”…..(more on that on a different post)… And just to give you an idea of what the after math of a messy party is !!!!

Yup I know what you are thinking and believe me I was thinking it too!!! …..Anyways to make a long story short a dear friend of mine told me that she was going to a stand up comedy show tonight and there might be seats still available…… so I thought what better way to relieve from all the stress of this long day other than laughter? … after all they do say that laughter is the best cure right? Right!

I’m glad that we went…. though now I feel that I need some sort of another cure!!! A spa treatment maybe?

E!’s Fashion Police Hosts Dress Up For Halloween

The hosts of E!’s ‘Fashion Police’ dressed up for Halloween into their favorite celebrity alter-egos!!!

Joan Rivers dressed as Suri Cruise, Kelly Osbourneis as Jennifer Lopez with her ex-Marc Anthony aka George Kotsiopoulos and Giuliana Rancic dressed as Victoria Beckham.

Below are their halloween costumes from last year….Kelly Osbourne dressed as ice teas’ wife Coco, George Kotsiopoulos was Justin Bieber, Snooki as… Snooki, Joan Rivers as Snooki, and Giuliana Rancic as Rachel Zoe.

Giuliana by far wins for both years!..She got both celeb looks spot on!