Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012

Hello everyone!!!…. I’m back!….I was away for a short break to visit the¬†Salone Internazionale del Mobile¬†in Milano … It was amazing this year and we really enjoyed it very much… though I must say that we were exhausted by the end of each day because it wasn’t only huge … it was also packed every single day!!!¬†

Anyways its good to be back… I actually missed posting in this blog!!!….and can’t wait to post about some of the places we’ve visited during our trip!!!


Nasimi Beach

I love¬†Nasimi Beach….Whenever I’m in Dubai, I try to come here…You can either spend the whole day lounging on their beach beds and have your lunch by the sea with the Dubai skyline in front of you. Or come in the evenings for a relaxing night out which is what we always love to do!!!… Oh I’m gonna miss Dubai so much!!!

Pictures via lostinthewilderness

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

We took the kids to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi¬†the other day. Wow I was really impressed!… It is the largest indoor theme park in the world…. and even though the weather wasn’t too bad, we were just grateful to be indoors at 2 o’clock in the afternoon!…. (I must say however, that it was a bit chilly inside so don’t forget to get a jumper with you!!!)….The kids (even our little one) had a great time….. My personal favorite part was the Ferrari museum … I just fell in LOVE with this Ferrari 330 GTC from the 1960s… Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Traveling Tips From Collin Cowie

Its been a few days since I posted!… I am away for spring break with my family and I guess that I have taken a break from blogging as well!!!

We are in Dubai at the moment which isn’t too far away from home!…. Regardless of the distance packing was required …. and for those of you who know me (or have been reading my older posts!!!) know how obsessed I am about packing!!!

Anyways packing for this trip reminded me of a video of Collin Cowie that I found a while back and thought that his traveling tips were really helpful… he has a refined version of how we pack and I just find it inspiring!!!

PS: Please ignore the fact that its from a wedding program!!!


We celebrated our anniversary at At.mosphere…. The world’s highest restaurant which sits 1,350-feet above the ground floor of Dubai’s 2,717ft-high Burj Khalifa.

I must say that the food was as spectacular as the view!…I am still craving the carmalised¬†Foie gras¬†…. it was the best I have ever had!

For more info go to AT.MOSPHERE.

Oman Polo Team !!!

Can you see what is missing in those pictures?!!!

Ralph Lauren has made polo shirts for all the GCC countries except for Oman!… I am sure that its because we don’t have a Polo team!…. but how cute would have my son looked in an Oman polo shirt? I wasn’t going to say that I feel left out….but well….you know… I feel left out!

P.S: Can someone tell me why don’t we have a Polo team?

10 Things I love About London

We just arrived!
Here are my 10 reasons for loving this city though I could actually write a book about how much I love it!
  1. London has so much history… you are surrounded by history and culture every where you go here!…. and there are so many museums to go to no matter what your taste is or what you are into…. honestly forget Greek, Turkish or even Egyptian museums!… the British have nicked all the good stuff ! lol
  2. The London Taxi… the cleanest most comfortable taxis in the world and most importantly the taxi drivers actually know the city inside out!
  3. The unpredictable weather… yes I do love that!… I come from a country where we only have 2 seasons! spring and summer!… so yes the English weather is always a nice change for me!
  4. The British Tele.. I always miss it when I’m away !
  5. Restaurants …. most of my favorite ones are here!
  6. Night life….from musicals, to stand up comedy shows, to concerts, to cinemas … you always have something to do or somewhere to go.
  7. Tea Time :p
  8. The Shopping… I just love shopping in London period!
  9. The Parks…. The 8 parks add up to 5000 acres…Londoners have 30 sq. meters of open space per capita compared with 19 sq. meters in Paris, 12 in NY, 11 in Tokyo , and only 0.5 in Bangkok.
  10. It is my home away from home….. it’s so good to be home!!!