Aerin Lauder’s Aspen Home

I love Aerin Lauder’s homes but her ski chalet in Aspen is by far my favorite….. it is a lesson in luxurious simplicity…..It’s cozy, very casual yet very chic….. imagine coming home after a long day of skiing and sit by that fire place and watch that amazing view…Heaven!

The house, which Lauder bought in 2009, was a relatively new build but her friend and interior designer Daniel Romualdez added a bit more character to it.“Aerin was very clear that she wanted a very simple house,” says Romualdez. “It’s really just a ski house, very informal, with an open kitchen so she can make breakfast for everyone and chat. She chose to avoid the billionaire neighborhoods like Red Mountain and go for something more local and low-key”.


The white sofas in the sitting room along with classic modern pieces such as Hans Wegner’s hoop chairs and George Nakashima’s angular wooden tables are my favorite.

Via Vogue.