Ramadan Fashion

Caftans are the definite Ramadan fashion statement… They are our fashion “go to item” in this holy month…..but we all know that caftans are not a new trend… in fact, they have never gone out of fashion…. Here are few of my favorite vintage photos of Caftans:

My idol Maria Callas as Medea in1969 (She had the most beautiful caftan collection!)

Catherine Deneuve in Vogue November 1966 (She always looks beautiful in caftans)

 Diane von Furstenberg looked stunning in a caftan

Donna Allegra Carracciolo di Castegnato (No one wore caftans better!)

Style Icon: Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve has always been very chic, her fashion moment came in 1967 when she stared in Belle de Jour and Yves Saint Laurent dressed her for the role….She was the face of Chanel No. 5 in the 1970s, and her image was used to represent Marianne, the national symbol of France in the 80s.

Deneuve is still very chic today. Her style is truly eternal… She has proved that not only young woman have allure…. She has aged very gracefully and proved to everyone that women of all ages can be beautiful, and stylish.