Traveling Tips From Collin Cowie

It has been a few days since I posted!… I am away for spring break with my family and I guess that I have taken a break from blogging as well!!!

We are in Dubai at the moment which isn’t too far away from home!…. Regardless of the distance packing was required …. and for those of you who know me (or have been reading my older posts!!!) know how obsessed I am about packing!!!

Anyways packing for this trip reminded me of a video of Collin Cowie that I found a while back and thought that his traveling tips were really helpful… he has a refined version of how we pack and I just find it inspiring!!!

PS: Please ignore the fact that it’s from a wedding program!!!

Entertaining Tips From Collin Cowie

I just love Colin!….. I mean he doesn’t just throw fabulous parties for celebrities…he lives fabulously too!!!  I have been living by his rules or Tips on how to entertain ever since he was on Oprah a few years ago!
Colin believes that there’s no better way to share in life than to invite people into your home. “I think you will agree that some of the most memorable moments in life are spent around the dinner table.” he says.

Here are 3 main tips that I think would be key to successful entertaining!!!

Be Organised:

You won’t find any junk drawers in Colin’s kitchen. Every cupboard and drawer is meticulously organized. “I can find anything I’m looking for at a moment’s notice,” he says. “It allows me to be able to entertain whenever I need. I get really turned on by keeping everything in the right place.”

Always Be Ready:

Thanks to a huge stock of dinnerware and supplies in his organised kitchen, Colin says he can throw together a dinner for 100 with an hour’s notice. He keeps 24 chickens, a dozen racks of lamb, duck breasts, frozen soups, chicken stocks and veal stocks in the freezer…and a huge variety of chilled beverages are always ready in the refrigerator….. just in case!!!… ( Now you obviously don’t have to stock up the same amount of food or drinks in your fridge… but you get the idea!!!)

Be Creative:

Colin obviously sets the most beautiful tables and I think its because he practices all the time… I mean he sets a proper table even when he dines alone at home!!!!…By arranging your table settings everyday even when you are dinning alone you get to experiment and try different table settings and that helps with coming up with some sort of creative ideas for settings!!!