A Racing Green Kitchen

My rule of thumb when it comes to kitchens (or any room in the house for that matter) it’s to go with light and breezy colors, modern designs with minimal aesthetics.. but lately, I’ve been loving dark rich kitchens! I love dark colour cupboards like black or this beautiful rich green… Oh, I love this green! I think that it’s a cross between emerald and English racing green!…  This kitchen has been beautifully designed and curated! The collection of stunning artwork and pottery helped to create that dramatic effect to this fabulous warm and cozy kitchen.


The perfect kitchen to cozy up in with a warm hot chocolate and a great classic book this winter… don’t you think?

via Devol kitchens

Nacho Polo’s Madrid home

Madrid-born and Miami-based designer and architect Nacho Polo’s home in Madrid is the best example of how a limited color palette can work. He used white as the only color on the floors and walls. By doing so he created a white canvas which was highlighted by the mix of classic design pieces and  modern furniture. This new take on Starck style gave his home a sense of sophistication and dare I say Drama ! . You immediately know that there is a story to the place the minute you walk into the door .

via Nacho Polo’s Private House | Minimalissimo