The Art of Packing

Louis Vuitton has dedicated a cute video about packing. They show us how to make the most of our luggage space and more importantly how our clothes can remain in good shape once we have arrived! I mean honestly who better to show us how it’s done other than the most famous luggage luxury brand? Hope they keep making more and more of those short videos with those helpful tips!

Packing Tips For The Summer Holidays

My tips:

First things first: lay out everything you expect to take, including your suitcase. If you’ve been on a vacation of the same duration before, remember what you didn’t use or wear, and leave it behind.

Create outfits for yourself as well as the kids ( trust me this makes life easier on vacations)

Packing lightly and efficiently will make your vacation much more enjoyable…..So don’t take too many things. And besides you’ll probably shop on your holiday!

Pick a central colour theme and stick to it! This way everything you have will mix and match. (this only works if you are going on a short trip though)

Don’t forget that accessories can change up a look without taking up too much suitcase space.

Decide what you as well as the kids will wear on the plane. Also, use your largest purse. This helps eliminate the space in your suitcase ( Don’t forget to figure your plane outfits into the mixing and matching for your entire trip).
NEVER pack toiletries with clothes, no matter what. One spill can do horrible damage.
When you start to pack, pack from heaviest to lightest, leaving the most fragile items on top:
  1. Layer your shoes on the bottom of your suitcase ( if your suitcase doesn’t have a separate compartment for that). Stuff the toes with socks. This will help them retain their shape and will fill in the extra space.
  2. Next stack jeans or other pants, (except if nice, dressy pants) that don’t need to be ironed, on top of the shoes.
  3. Sweaters, Blouses or T-shirts… We put all of  these items in a Tumi flat folding pack case (which I’ll talk about in details in my next post).
  4. Extra Items like underwear, undershirts, belts etc can be rolled up and placed in the corners of the suitcase.
  5. Now you can layer delicates on top. We use another Tumi garment bag for this. I put delicate items like party dresses, blazers, nice pants, etc in this case. Lay on top of the rest of your items and tuck the edges in. This will help the clothes keep their shape….(try folding clothes so that there is not a crease down the center).
Hope this helps…