Runninginheelz is a blog about the art of living or rather the art of living well. I focus on arts, culture, books, movies, music, good food, fashion, style, interior design, architecture.. you get drift.. I called it running in heels because I simply felt it sums up how I feel most days! I’m always running around trying to get things done while trying to look put together and for lack of a better word…dignified!

You probably know from the content of this blog that I love to surround my self and my family with beauty… Surrounding our selves with beauty isn’t a bad thing …. It is ok to loose your self in an art gallery or enjoy the opera … But to me Living well means being hospitable, thoughtful, and becoming a person of substance and grace. Living well to me is setting your priorities straight and knowing when to stop! 

The reason I made this blog was because I felt I needed a creative outlet where I can get inspried and inspire others in the process as well… nothing more and nothing less!

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