Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

We took the kids to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi the other day. Wow, I was really impressed!… It is the largest indoor theme park in the world…. and even though the weather wasn’t too bad, we were just grateful to be indoors at 2 o’clock in the afternoon!…. (I must say, however, that it was a bit chilly inside so don’t forget to get a jumper with you!!!)….The kids (even our little one) had a great time….. My personal favorite part was the Ferrari museum … I just fell in LOVE with this Ferrari 330 GTC from the 1960s… Isn’t she gorgeous?!

2 thoughts on “Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

    • No not me ….. I was with little M (they had a little play ground for her age) and H was with Meemo and Moodi…. So the 3 of them got to go on some fun rides…. I also forgot to mention in my post that there was this amazing acrobatic show that the kids really enjoyed… we’ll def go again some day 😉

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